High level

What’s wrong with xUnit Why you should use DbFit.

DbFit features

Writing tests What different test types look like in DbFit.

The details

Getting started Installation and setup of DbFit.

Command reference The test building blocks.

The test framework How to write and run tests in FitNesse.

Database-specific information Information on adapter-specific features and peculiarities.

FAQ and troubleshooting

The project

What’s new The changes in each release.

The team behind DbFit Which part of DbFit is maintained by whom.

Contributing Contributing code or documentation improvements to DbFit.

DbFit: past and present A brief history of the project and its variants.

Useful resources

DbFit 1.1 manual A PDF version of the original manual.

Test Driven .NET Development with FitNesse Gojko's free book about using FitNesse.

Test Driven Data Warehouse Development A video of Andy Barker's talk about testing SSIS packages using FitNesse/DbFit.

Testing with DBFit Short, sharp DbFit overview, plus how to integrate with SSIS.